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  • Pushbutton businesses

    Things I did on a Sunday afternoon: ordered and provisioned a few domain names, a VOIP 1-800 number, and shot 15 videos.  If I’d hustled a little more, or spent the whole day on it, I could have had a mostly viable business up and running in a day, and it’s worth noting that it […]

  • Triple-entry accounting: a hazard of consulting

    (Nothing to do with accounting; just my favourite video about the number 3.) I know very little about accounting, but I’m content to do sustained damage for a while longer before I dump a big box of mayhem on some bookkeeper’s desk. One of the joys (and incredible dangers) of consulting on a fee-for-hire business, […]

  • How can you sell your service with your service?

    (Via Corrupt Camel) Granted, the first thing I think of when I see one of those “you just proved bench advertising works!” ads on a bus shelter is generally “you just proved you have unsold inventory!” but since I don’t much like driving I’ve got some extra brain bandwidth while I’m being chauffeured past these […]

  • Personal congruence with business goals

    I’ve been thinking lately about personal congruence as a success factor. I had a client last night reporting that he couldn’t see some ads on a page of his site.  More specifically, it was a “link to us” page and the sample banners weren’t showing up in Chrome.  And of course, they worked fine for […]

  • The key to the business pitch – that can’t ever be said

    I’ve noticed a trend in the business pitch (yes, I’m a Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den addict, er, enthusiast) wherein people never use the most obvious analogy. In Hollywood, or at least in movies about Hollywood, which I’m sure are 100% accurate portrayals of the culture, there’s this thing where movies are pitched as a […]

  • iOS sightings: the iPad as PowerPoint killer

    Not to get repetitive, but if I don’t monitor these things I won’t be able to tell if I just think I’m seeing more of them because I wrote about them (like that thing where you buy a car and then all you see is that model – and colour – on the road,) or […]

  • Carsonified: lessons learned while building web apps

    This has been sitting in a tab for way too long, so here it is: Ryan Carson on 12 Things You Wish You’d Known Before Building a Web App. Blog post here, slide deck here, audio here. The audio seems to be for a slightly different deck, but it more or less meshes. Lots of […]