About Jason

Jason DoucetteHi, I’m Jason…

I’ve been coding professionally for more than 20 years across a massive range of languages, platforms, and technologies, but I’ve spent a lot more time (and money, yeesh) in recent years studying business and marketing.  This site represents a decent cross-section of those two areas of expertise.

At the core, my approaches to coding and to business aren’t that different: I tend to learn a fact (or an API call) and then I try to think of the craziest thing I can do with it, because that’s where the gold is, at least with sufficient filtering.

Back to professional stuff, I spent the past 15 years in Toronto working at breakneck speeds for a big bank and (through a consulting firm) Canada’s largest media companies developing things like computer telephony solutions to shave seconds off of a phone call (which, multiplied by thousands of reps and however many calls per day, actually gives a good ROI before you even get to the business value) to dynamic data gathering dashboards for customer focus groups (in the days before NoSQL got big, no less,) and an online event ticket ordering system that became the back end to North America’s first end to end transactional “buy your concert tickets on your cell phone” system.

This is my personal site. In a previous era, it’d be home to all things Jason, but things are a bit more distributed than that these days. You can find me at various places, including these:

Thanks for coming by, and don’t be afraid to get in touch if you think there’s something I can help you with!