Category: Mindset

  • Clearing the clutter, or how SpamSieve saved my sanity

    Hey, wanna know why I haven’t been posting for the past two years? Sure, I’ve been writing elsewhere, but mostly, I’ve been busy. Busy deleting spam. Here’s the thing: I’ve had my primary email address for over 13 years now. It’s gotten on just about every list you can imagine, and by “every list” I […]

  • Overcoming obstacles with “Have to” vs “Get to”

    My latest weapon in overcoming obstacles and taking action is the Have To/Get To distinction.  Here’s the breakdown: It started with a no brainer: I spend my Fridays with my son, and I don’t do this because I have to (though someone definitely does or Children’s Aid is going to come a’knocking) but because I […]

  • Getting over the fear of duplicate posts

    Have I talked about this one before? Actually, it’s not this post, but another one that I haven’t read yet.  I kinda think I wrote about it once before, but a quick Google didn’t find anything.  So I’ve got 3 choices: Read through a few hundred posts looking for it. Drop the idea in favour […]

  • Five figure thinking

    I’ve reached an age where the reflection starts on how I got to be the way I am; what early experiences led to certain personality traits and so on.  And I think it’s the same with my approach to business. Unfortunately. See, the longer you have a job, I think, the harder it is to […]

  • How to build immunity to criticism

    “Is it possible we are defined by our enemies and out willingness and ability to create and annoy them?” That’s a quote by Dan Kennedy from his latest newsletter, which came at a great time, that time being the day I was going to write this post.  It (and the article it’s from) perfectly complements […]

  • Failure by goal achievement

    I think I’ve tapped into another one of those obvious things that need to be spoken aloud before they become obvious. In business, and in life, we know what to do, on at least a basic level, to get the results we’re looking for.  I’m going to use diet for my example on this one […]

  • Objections become validation (vaccination update)

    OK, a fun story since I wrote about the need to vaccinate yourself as an entrepreneur: it’s not a complete study, but from one man’s experience, simply knowing that certain events may happen on the path to success is enough to turn them from potentially crippling events to solid goalposts of validation. Let me explain: […]

  • Vaccinations for Entrepreneurs

    As far as getting out of my idiotic comfort zone goes, the number one tactic that I’ve found useful is entrepreneurial vaccinations. This isn’t about health care plans.  If you’re serious about building your business, you need to start a regular course of vaccinations… for your mind. Here’s the thing, as distilled from one coach […]

  • Newsflash: other people aren’t you

    The secret to good copywriting, and effective communication in general, is to get inside the heads of your audience. Duh. Here’s where many people in startups get it wrong: by trying to communicate with and treat people how they themselves would like to be treated. Here’s a newsflash: if you’re the founder of a bootstrapped […]

  • My comfort zone is an idiot

    Three days into the week, and I’ve had three examples of how stupid my comfort zone is.  No need for the gory details, but each time, I agonized and pushed and prodded myself into doing the Right Thing, overcoming my terror of rejection, offending people, and *gasp* actually having to have awkward conversations, and each […]