Getting over the fear of duplicate posts

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Have I talked about this one before?

Actually, it’s not this post, but another one that I haven’t read yet.  I kinda think I wrote about it once before, but a quick Google didn’t find anything.  So I’ve got 3 choices:

  1. Read through a few hundred posts looking for it.
  2. Drop the idea in favour of a topic that I can start writing now.
  3. Screw it, who cares if it’s a repeat?

Maybe it’s my training from my 10 years as an on-again off-again news blogger where I’d write stories based on links, and a dupe was a nightmare scenario then for my credibility, but no, I think it’s deeper: that increasingly annoying (to me) little voice that wants everything to be correct.

The fact is, a duplicate topic, probably even if it happens on the same week, isn’t that big a deal.  With the way internet traffic and attention work, maybe 5% of my audience is ever going to see both in close enough of a timeframe for it to get noticed, and really, I’m likely to have a different insight on the topic anyway.

I mean, come on – does anyone go to lunch and insist on only new topics?

And let’s be honest, if you want to be cynical, you can sum up this whole blog in a paragraph, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if you were a writer for the Encyclopedia Britannica (though dude, consider job searching from time to time, yeah?)

So that’s the new deal.  Yes, you might see a duplicate of a topic.  No, it doesn’t mean I’m getting lazy.  Yes, it does mean that I’m growing, stretching a bit more out of my comfort zone, and maybe if something does repeat a little, it’s kind of important.

Look for that next post on Monday.

And hey, it’s web 2.5 or whatever. Consider it a retweet with commentary. 🙂

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