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  • Around the web: Coaching and costs

    A few links with commentary for today: Chris Brogan: What do Coaches Do? I’m letting the video play in the background while I write this, so this link was more of a prompting to get me talking about coaching rather than commentary about Chris’ post itself.  I’ve used a variety of coaches over the past […]

  • The true price of sales training

    Studying sales and marketing is expensive. It’s not the courses, seminars, conferences and other sales training that gets me; it’s the “live research” where I actively pay attention to the marketing around me.  Take yesterday for example. The Art Gallery of Ontario called around dinnertime, where Kevin brought me up to date with some of […]

  • Entrepreneurship: hourly rates come from hourly costs

    One of the key lessons I’ve learned this year as head of my own service-based company is to figure out my hourly costs to better gauge my hourly rates.  Take all the company expenses (rent, staff, training, hosting, telecom, etc) for the month, add on some level of actual income, divide it by 20 for […]