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  • Around the web: Coaching and costs

    A few links with commentary for today: Chris Brogan: What do Coaches Do? I’m letting the video play in the background while I write this, so this link was more of a prompting to get me talking about coaching rather than commentary about Chris’ post itself.  I’ve used a variety of coaches over the past […]

  • Do we need Domain Name Adoption Services?

    Domain names don’t expire in a year. They last forever. I’ve got a “portfolio” of around 50 domains myself, with only about a quarter of them in active use. The rest? Seemingly good ideas, possibly purchased while drinking, each representing something I had every intention of turning into the Next Big Thing. For at least […]

  • Acknowledging the glorious future we live in

    I’ve got some business-y posts lined up, but it’s Friday, I just got back from Mesh, so I’m both tired and thinking along these lines anyway, and I could probably insert 11 or 12 more excuses if I wanted, but I’m just going to go with this image that’s been in a browser tab for […]

  • Canadian government to appeal web accessibility ruling – “do as we say, not as we do”

    The Canadian government was recently ordered by a judge to make their websites accessible to the visually impaired, which surprised the hell out of me, because so many of their websites and programs are so painful to use, in my opinion, that I figured that they had to be that way to comply with someone’s […]

  • 5 ways to improve IMDB

    It looks like IMDB has finally gotten a bit of a facelift, and there are some things I like about it, but I’ll be honest, it’s not working for me yet.  Good marketers and designers try to envision their product’s users as imaginary people so they can figure out the use cases and make sure […]

  • The future, remembered

    I’m having a lot of “lemonade moments” (um, that means finding the good in a less than optimal situation, not wetting myself) this week going through a bunch of stuff from my mom’s basement (every technologist who goes on and on about “near-infinite, near-zero cost storage in the cloud” probably has a few boxes stored […]

  • Thoughts on the media paywall/loginwall

    One more thought for the day on the NY Times while I wait for a data report to generate… As I mentioned earlier, I had to log in to their site today to read an article.  It was free, no huge deal, except that it’d been so long since I’d had to do it that […]

  • The hyperlocal web: still doomed

    Tom from the office (our office, not The Office) sent me a link to a NYTimes article about hyperlocal sites.  Surprisingly, I had to log in to the site to read it, which I don’t remember having to do in a while.  More on that in another post. I hadn’t been tracking this area in […]

  • TinyURL squatting is the new Domaining

    If you haven’t heard of TinyURL yet, it’s one of the original URL shortening services that can take a really long URL and make it into a really short one.  The link goes to their server and redirects to the actual destination.  It’s handy for emailing long links which might get corrupted with word wraps, […]

  • History, Nostalgia, and the Modern Web, via ads

    I did a quickie (and slightly cryptic) post a little while ago comparing old school comic book ads to Google Ads, but a post on Boing Boing about a man who bought a monkey via a comic ad got me to thinking some more. No, I’m not about to go out and buy a monkey […]