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  • Time management 202: planning the week in advance

    I’ve written before about how I track my hours on pretty much everything every day (originally in a spreadsheet, later just in a journal) as a means of spotting inefficiencies and opportunities to systemize and/or outsource, but this week I took it a step further.  Or backwards.  Not sure.  Anyway, I tried to log my […]

  • One more day (off)

    A one day break from, well, anything can easily become a two day break, which leads to the few days break, which leads to the “why not make it an even week” break, which quickly and nearly effortlessly can become an indefinite hiatus. It’s true of fitness, habits, and yes, business. One of the challenges […]

  • Todo lists considered harmful

    The title’s a little misleading, but my comp sci training forces me to invoke Dijkstra whenever possible. Just so we’re clear, I’ve been using a daily todo list for most of this year, and the reasons are very simple: when I start the day with a list, I get more done.  More so if the […]

  • On the highest and best use of time

    The “highest and best use” concept is one that’s been hammered into my head relentlessly over the past year or so by various mentors and coaches.  Maybe it’s been overemphasized because of the years of corporate work that I need to deprogram from my brain (nothing wrong with the work I did, but it occurred […]