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  • Around the web: Coaching and costs

    A few links with commentary for today: Chris Brogan: What do Coaches Do? I’m letting the video play in the background while I write this, so this link was more of a prompting to get me talking about coaching rather than commentary about Chris’ post itself.  I’ve used a variety of coaches over the past […]

  • Loneliness and entrepreneurship

    Starting a company can be lonely, lonely work if you’re not careful. If you’re in bootstrap mode, with the majority of the work falling on your shoulders, there’s often not a lot of time to spend doing other things.  Like, say, socializing.  Years ago when I worked from home, I found myself going out for […]

  • Embracing inbox infinity

    It’s funny to read my thoughts on achieving inbox zero three years ago.  While I generally keep my inbox pretty empty, lately it’s been slipping out of control again.  The thing is though, what was fine back when I was an employee isn’t necessarily the best strategy for an entrepreneur, and I need to be […]

  • Are people trying to help or just taking your money? Yes.

    That sequence from The Wire pops into my head more times than I’d care to admit, and I have no idea what it means 🙂 I’ve spent a lot of money on coaching, business services, training, and other stuff that’s not in the food, rent, or entertainment categories over the years.  Basically, things that’ll help […]

  • iOS sightings: the iPad as PowerPoint killer

    Not to get repetitive, but if I don’t monitor these things I won’t be able to tell if I just think I’m seeing more of them because I wrote about them (like that thing where you buy a car and then all you see is that model – and colour – on the road,) or […]