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  • Pushbutton businesses

    Things I did on a Sunday afternoon: ordered and provisioned a few domain names, a VOIP 1-800 number, and shot 15 videos.  If I’d hustled a little more, or spent the whole day on it, I could have had a mostly viable business up and running in a day, and it’s worth noting that it […]

  • Do we need Domain Name Adoption Services?

    Domain names don’t expire in a year. They last forever. I’ve got a “portfolio” of around 50 domains myself, with only about a quarter of them in active use. The rest? Seemingly good ideas, possibly purchased while drinking, each representing something I had every intention of turning into the Next Big Thing. For at least […]

  • True story! Gullible.com isn’t an allowed domain name!

    OK, modernized “not in the dictionary” jokes aside, I couldn’t resist blind-typing Gullible.com into my browser last night, pretty much at the same time as the idea occurred to me.  Seriously folks, forget about Facebook privacy settings, this is the habit you want to develop to make sure you never get a job at a […]