Raw Dump of DemoCamp18 notes

I think this is the reason I’m not getting an iPhone, at least not this week: I type quick notes on my Nokia E61.

Here’s the raw unedited dump of my note file from DemoCamp18.It’s mostly for my own backup purposes, but maybe you’ll find something useful in there. The message for this post is that I can’t picture myself typing quickly on a glass screen, especially while holding a beer in one hand.

(Oh, and if anyone knows how to get the notes off of an E61 via Bluetooth, please let me know – I ended up emailing it to myself)

Update: Dave notes that it’s spreednews.com, not .net.  Ha, just noted that I caught that in the stream.  Still, it’s a neat product, click the link and check it out.

Askitonline.com is in beta

refresh brands are interested in influencers - how do we get those people talking
rp has analytics for influencers
niches are pulling up to 15 cpm
has been running in house for 9 months

blueprintcan attach screens to process
simulation view turns process requirements into choose your own adventure
eclipse thing
can generate docs
3 years old, major banks, some us presence
ten grand
allows collab, commenting

democamp18 is the barely legal edition says joey

well.ca jabber chat
live chat with xfer
agents can use any jabber client?

drproject couldn't hear

jesse brown bitstrips
cartoon cannon
75k strips since sxsw
copyright is interesting, they made the art so if the users own it they can say no. Joint ownership, users and bitstrips can do what they want


spreed news
few phrases at a time instead of words, iphone app, hooks into news feeds
oh wait the website is .net
>hey that was a demo.
ignite now.

jevon vc in canada
used an alex ross superman on slide 1 now ange will come to democamp19
"startups aren't getting started and whe they do its like bedroomups it's like bathroomups"







3 responses to “Raw Dump of DemoCamp18 notes”

  1. Dave Coleman Avatar


    I love raw text dumps like these. I am a big fan of memory notes. Just wanted to let you know that it is http://www.spreednews.com not .net

    Hope you had a great night!


  2. Jason Avatar

    Thanks Dave! It’s a cool product, I added the link up above. I’m curious, what are you finding the retention rate is for reading like this?

  3. Dave Coleman Avatar

    Our preliminary testing is quite high, but its hard to test that kind of statistic. I can tell you the comprehension is coming out higher using this app. However, long term is another question. We will just have to see as people begin playing with it.

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