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  • Clearing the clutter, or how SpamSieve saved my sanity

    Hey, wanna know why I haven’t been posting for the past two years? Sure, I’ve been writing elsewhere, but mostly, I’ve been busy. Busy deleting spam. Here’s the thing: I’ve had my primary email address for over 13 years now. It’s gotten on just about every list you can imagine, and by “every list” I […]

  • iPod: not a tricorder, but an “anything device”

    Just saw that Gap is starting to pilot Apple’s iPod-based point of sale system in some of their Old Navy stores.  I saw this coming, which isn’t to say I’m a genius, since it’s pretty obvious, but it’s really exciting to see this happening. In a past life, I built online event registration systems (a.k.a. […]

  • Wanted: Ninja Beer Fridge

    OK, I want one of these: see more Monday Through Friday Yes, I work mostly from home, but innovation doesn’t mix well with excuses. I’ll commence camouflaging our Fisher Paykel as soon as everyone else (foolishly) leaves the house for a few hours.

  • 3 things I didn’t know and 3 things I want to see on Surface

    I finally got  chance to see Microsoft’s Surface technology up close this week as part of the Metro Toronto .NET User Group‘s Tuesday session.  Here’s 3 things I didn’t know about it: It uses projection technology.  This makes it a very deep box (maybe a little higher than a coffee table) but probably results in […]

  • Raw Dump of DemoCamp18 notes

    I think this is the reason I’m not getting an iPhone, at least not this week: I type quick notes on my Nokia E61. Here’s the raw unedited dump of my note file from DemoCamp18.It’s mostly for my own backup purposes, but maybe you’ll find something useful in there. The message for this post is […]

  • Canada to get TiVo

    You know, the upcoming launch of the TiVo in Canada would be a whole lot more interesting if it wasn’t happening right at the point where the writers’ strike had exhausted inventory of every show.

  • Kindle launches in US Labs

    Since everyone else is talking about Kindle, allow me to submit my (somewhat predictable) response to the new toy: Not available in Canada.  Meh. Kindle’s going in the same pile as the iPhone and TV show downloads for now.  Thinking about it though, the timing is kind of right, with the iPhone merging iPod and […]